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2nd Mirfield Brownies                Tracey Riley              01924 491301

14th Mirfield Brownies              Tracey Riley               01924 491301


Latest news posted 25/07/16

Almost 200 rainbows, brownies, guides and leaders from across Calder division met together to hold their annual division event.


This year the year of the pulse was chosen as our theme. Covering everything from lentils to beans and growing things in between.


Rainbows made fantastic tambourines out of lentils, planted their own bean stocks and did a bit on recycling making one pits out if old tins and wasabi tape. Brownies made friendship soup , grass heads and a favourite edible bean necklaces. The guides made use of val so numerous free flight socks and made bean creations, along with beautiful pulse collages.


Everyone gathered at the end for presentations by one of our county commissioners and enjoyed the guides lentil raps, I'm sure you can imagine what the rap about beans ended about.


Everyone was presented with a pulse power badge designed by a girl from each section as a lasting momento of the occasion . A huge thank you to the fantastic task and finish group that pulled yet another super event off


After several very wet days 2nd & 14th Mirfield Brownies landed on a beautiful summers night and ventured deep into Hopton Woods.

The girls enjoyed a scavenger hunt as well as a walk through the woods, the rain over the last few days created a rather interesting environment and several girls returned as bog monsters although enjoying every minute.

An ice cream van met them at the end when everyone enjoyed a 99 complete with flake, sherbet, bits and juice.

With 63 girls in the wood we couldn't resist trying a panoramic photo which we loved.  (see below). 


Tracey Riley


Tracey Riley

Calder division commissioner