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I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about the Team Parish and what we have to offer.


Mirfield Team Parish is where we work to develop the Christian lives of those who are part of our community.  It is a place where we proclaim the glory of God and seek to live our lives in Christian worship.   Over the years, the churches in this parish have reached out to the various communities within the area.  Today, the groups include Christians and non-Christians, those on a journey of faith, non-believers and people of other faiths as well as children  through education and play.  We intend the Churches not just to be a heritage to be maintained for the future as historic builds but a place of coming together in prayer and personal celebration and a crossroads where the sacred and the secular meet. In order to nourish the body and nurture the soul, it is our vision to develop an environment where the whole range of sensory experiences can be enjoyed by all - music, architecture, art, literature and food and drink.


The Vicar, is  responsible, on behalf of the Bishop, and with the PCC for caring for both the buildings and their communities, and for maintaining our corporate life and Christian witness.  Our mission is, therefore, to seek to follow Jesus' central command: To love God and to love all people.


Rev'd. Hugh C. Baker (Vicar of Mirfield Team Parish).




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