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To support the boys (when it was a male voice choir), the Choirboy’s Mothers Guild was formed; this too has changed over the intervening years. The Choir Guild, as it became known, raised money to purchase music books etc.  Over recent years it supported the PCC in the upkeep of the Organ, purchased a Clavinova, new robes for some of the ladies of the choir and an electric piano. In the past the Guild also selected choristers to go on RSCM training courses.


The most recent change occurred in November 2011 when the name and function of the Guild was changed to reflect the co-operation that now existed throughout the combined parishes of St Mary the Virgin, Mirfield, St John the Evangelist, Upper Hopton and St Paul’s, Eastthorpe.  


The aim of this “new” guild is to extend this co-operation and amalgamate all musical interests, i.e. singers from St Mary’s Choir and St Johns, musicians throughout the Team Parish who would like to offer their talents; and finally, the supporters, those members of the congregation who enjoy and appreciate all the music that is currently being offered and would like to ensure that music remains a part of Parish life. These aims have not yet been properly formulated nor a constitution drawn up although it is expected that these issues will be suitably addressed in the foreseeable future.

The Choir and the Guild, by the very composition of membership is closely entwined and it is often difficult to differentiate between the two groups. Under the guise of The Choir members will go, particularly as we approach Christmas, to local care homes and sing Carols, and although this is a fairly new venture, in its present format, it is obvious that the residents and staff greatly appreciate the programme that we offer. In previous years the choir has sung at Garden Centres and in Supermarkets to raise money in aid of The Children’s Society.


As previously mentioned the Choir Guild has raised money to support the work of the Church and Choir, this required members to commit themselves to organising and supporting numerous events which along with the normal service commitments began to be too heavy a burden on such a small group of people.


It was therefore decided, by the membership of The Guild, to have one major fundraiser for the work of the choir and to that end a Model Railway Exhibition was organised which has proved to be hugely successful and popular with enthusiasts and curious alike.

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