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Here is an extract from the news sheet for Sunday 3.1.21 Christmas 2.  For the full news sheet please download the PDF.


WEEKDAY SERVICES: Said Eucharist at St Mary’s, Wednesdays 10am and  St John’s, Thursdays 10am

St Mary’s will be open for Private Prayer on Sundays 2-3pm


Material for the FEBRUARY 2021 MAGAZINE is needed no later than Wednesday 20th January

We shall soon be organising the distribution of Magazines for 2021. We need to know how many copies to order so please let us know if you’d like a copy each month and how we can get this to you, by PDF, collecting in church or if possible, having the magazine delivered. If you can volunteer to deliver magazines, just 10 times per year, please let us know. This could present an opportunity to give your car a much needed outing or be part of your exercise regime!

Barry, Hambling & Janice Barker


Dear Father God,

Here we are, nervously wobbling on the brink of this New Year.

All our hopes, expectations, plans and possibilities for last year stolen by the relentless pandemic.


The landscape of our lives has been shaken and changed, Lord.

Nothing is the same.

Normality has been redefined. 2020 was a year like no other.

How dare we move into the uncertainty of 2021?


Lord, we dare

because of the one, wonderful certainty we do have

that You have been with us through it all.

Thank you that You sent Jesus to save us,

to offer us that bigger reality of life for all eternity – if we put our trust in Him, Jesus, who never changes.


You promise that You will never leave us or forsake us.

We will be able to navigate the challenges lie ahead,

if we keep our eyes on Jesus, our compass;

if we trust His Holy Spirit to lead us, however strange and unfamiliar the days of 2021 may be.


You are with us! You are with us! You are with us!


Thank you, Lord of the years, that You know and love each one of us, and that we are safe in Your hands.

We can go forward.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

By Daphne Kitching


We pray for those suffering in body, mind or spirit

Colin,  Carole,  Dennis & family,  Sue,  Alan & Ang,  Syd,  Mary,  Toni,  Karen,  Craig,  Louise,  Andrew,  Stephen,  Wendy,  Michael,  Sarah,  Donna,  Stephen & Tracey,  Philippa,  Beryl,   Alex,  Krystian,  Margaret,  Trevor,  Hilda,  Nicholas,  Harry,  Brian,  Andrew,  Jimmy,  Claire,  Charles,  Paul & Dorothy,  Jacob,  Jean,  Barbara,  Judith,  Dorothy.


We pray for those who have recently died and their families

Eddie Brady,  Carl Tolson,  Valerie Elaine Woolley,  Alan Chambers,  Josephine Ann Riding,  Mary Cropper,  Ronald Sidney Smith,  Dennis Richardson, Yvonne Johnstone.


From our Parish Prayer List

For all who volunteer their time and talents within the life of our churches.

For the work with young people of Mirfield done by Matrix youth group.

For all who live in our local nursing homes and those who care for them.

For the work done through the Red Cross and other emergency relief organisations.


One of the ministries we offer is our prayer team who are willing to offer prayers on your behalf in a crisis situation.

If you have an urgent need for prayers then please contact our Prayer Chain Coordinators,

Carol on 515894 or Barry on 493884.    


If you would like anyone to be added or removed from our prayer lists please contact Janice Barker  01924 503530  [email protected]