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St John's choir was at its peak in the 1980s with a choir of around 25 members. This was the culmination of much hard work done by the vicar, Rev Ian Harrison, and the organist/choirmaster Richard Barraclough, who was also involved with the Huddersfield Choral Society. Anthems were sung every Sunday and the choir sang in competitions around West Yorkshire. Organ recitals were held each year to cover the cost of tuning the organ. Today, the choir is somewhat smaller, but Sung Evensong is held once a month with a combined choir consisting of members from both St John's and St Mary's.

St John's Choir

Original tracker action organ was built in 1894 by Forster & Andrews at a cost of £220, with Mr Pilling of The Hagg in Mirfield acting as advisor on the organ’s specification.

The organ was cleaned and overhauled in 1913, 1951 and 1981.

The organ was hand pumped until 1951 when an electric blower was added.

The overhaul in 1981 by Malcolm Spink converted the organ to electro-magnetic action and the manuals were extended from 56 to 61 notes. Additional couplers were added and the pedal division extended to give 8’ and 4’ stops.

Despite its small size, the instrument is capable of a wide range of reportoire. The Cornopean is a very powerful stop, but the swell shutters are able to reduce the volume considerably. The Tierce on the Great adds a delightful splash of colour.

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